Free AntiVir Rescue System

Minggu, 08 November 2009

Avira AntiVir Rescue System is a program used to create a boot disk that analyzes the system to start the PC for viruses and other problems that prevent the computer start normally. This application can be an effective solution where a virus that blocks the action of the normal virus.

To use this program is necessary to record a CD ISO image downloaded. For the system to access the CD before the hard drive is necessary to modify the BIOS settings boot order placing the CD-ROM first.

In addition to detecting viruses, and some other malware, Avira AntiVir Rescue System is able to repair the operating system to certain faults, therefore, in the event that the operating system does not boot, you should run this CD to see if can find the cause.

ASystem is the latest version of this utility you can download it free.
Enjoy it ... ;)

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